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Vocational Training Programs for the youth

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Vocational Training Programs for the youth

Maxvision Vocational Training Centers – During the year 2019-20 Maxvision Run 3 Vocational

Training centers in Gurugram for the underprivileged youth above the age group of 18 to 30 years. The goal of the Vocational Training programs are the following

  • The project envisages improving quality of life and income of the youth beneficiaries and their families through enhancement of employability
  • Job opportunities for the youth and enabling them to secure formal sector jobs.


Vocational Training centers cover the following topics and activities

  • Personality Development & Soft Skill
  • Career Counselling
  • English and communication skills
  • Computer
  • Basic Retail Management
  • Exposure visits

Achievements of Vocational Training Centres from 2015 TO 2019-20

S.No Project name Project start date Project end date Total no. of youth trained Total no. of youth placed
1 Plumber Vocational Training-MCG 02-04-2015 01-08-2015 20 18
2 Tailoring Vocational Training-MCG 02-04-2015 01-08-2015 50 44
3 Beauty Culture Vocational TrainingMCG 02-04-2015 01-08-2015 40 32
4 STeP Program- Smile Foundation 23-08-2015 23-12-2020 691 497
5 Hospitality Training 15-12-2017 30-11-2018 20 17
6 Tech Mahindra SMART Centre 01-04-2019 31-03-2020 136 39
    Tota   957 647

The following are some of the overall figures of the vocational training activities for the year 2019-20

Out comes of the vocational training programs of MSWS

The following are the outcomes of the vocational training programs

  • Enhanced employability skills of the youth
  • Enhanced capacity to make informed choices
  • Role Model for the youth in the community
  • Regular earning through formal sector jobs
  • Contribution to incremental household income

Success story - MSWS Vocational Training Centers

Mr. Sandeep

Sandeep is a 21 years old boy who lives in Surat Nagar nearby Dhanwapur, Gurgaon- Haryana. He is pursuing his Gradation through distance education. He is very simple, intelligent and has noble qualities of heart and soul.

Sandeep belongs to a middle class family of four family members.His father is self-employed, and his mother is a homemaker. With the mere income of one earning member in the family, it was very difficult for them to sustain in a city like Gurgaon.

By seeing the troubles of his father, Sandeep wants to help the family with his own contributions too. For the same he started to look for part time jobs. But he was unsuccessful due to lack of confidence and required basic skills.

It is then he heard about the STeP program run by Maxvision Social Welfare Society. He immediately joined the skill development program.

The successful STeP Programe brought in confidence and upgraded his skills which is very crucial in obtaining a job in this competitive job market. Before joining the STeP Centre, he was very shy and having low confidence in meeting new and unknown people.

He was very eager to learn and took interest in studying. He improved his soft skills, technical skills like computer, Basic IT, software and upgraded his knowledge about the business world through the Basic Retail Management and Finance Literacy. Above all he improved his communication skill and language skills.

His hard work of four months got him his rewards of finding his first job as a Delivery boy at “Swiggy” and earned Rs 16000/- monthly. Then from Swiggy he switched his job as cashier in Vencer Mart with a higher salary of Rs. 17000/- per month. He is now helping his family economically and saving rest of the amount for his further studies.