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Education support for the underprivileged children

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Education support for the underprivileged children

During the year 2019-20 Maxvision Social Welfare Society run eight Education centers across Gurugram Haryana to educate and eradicate child labor and School dropout children rate through non-formal, remedial and bridge course education. Our Interventions benefitted to 793 underprivileged children between age group of 3-18 yrs. and their families. These hails from different states of the country like UP, West Bengal, MP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Kolkata. The following table shows the details of the centers for the year 2019-20.

S.No Maxvision Education Centre Locations Type of support Number of children
1 Bhavani Enclave Non-Formal & Remedial 210
2 Dharam Colony Non-Formal & Remedial 2 215
3 Kadhipur, Near Blue Bell School- Gurugram NCLP 42
4 Basai Chawk, near Bharadwaj Hospital NCLP 50
5 Dharam Colony, Near MC Donalds-1 NCLP 49
6 Dharam Colony, Near MC Donalds-2 NCLP 48
7 Bhavani Enclave, Gali No.6 Near Basai Chawk-1 NCLP 49
8 Bhavani Enclave, Gali No.6 Near Basai Chawk-2 NCLP 50
  Total   713

Key Highlights of the Education Programme

The following are the key highlights of the education program of Maxvision Social Welfare Society.

Classroom Teaching Learning Process

Uality Interventions

MSWS ensures quality education to the supported children. The Education centers run by MSWS ensures that the first generation learners of get the suitable teaching learning aids to get better education at the centers. Following are the quality interventions under Education support of MSWS.

  • Mathematical Tool Kits for the children
  • Library for the children
  • Tab Lab
  • Computer Education
  • Amani Music Clubs
  • Summer Camps
  • Vocational Training

Teacher Trainings

With the changing time, it has become more important to provide adequate training to the teachers to make them more effective in imparting knowledge. Teachers’ training is of paramount importance in the cultivation of an educated world. During the year 2019-20, MSWS conducted different teacher trainings on the topics like “Discussion on usage and design of subject specific TLMs”, “Classroom participation, and involvement in outdoor activities”, “Confidence building among teachers and their personality development” etc…

Nutrition Support

Nutrition support is one of the highlights of the education program of Maxvision Social welfare society. With the help from various donors, we are able to provide nutrition support to 765 children supported under various projects. The details of the nutrition menu provided in the educational centers are the following:

S.No Day Menu
1 Monday Bread Jam
2 Tuesday Kichdi/Daliya/Chapati/ with Daal & Sabji/Sprouts-Moong & Chana
3 Thursday Seasonal Fruits/ Fruit Chat
4 Friday Nutrition Biscuits & Glucose /Milk
5 Saturday Bread & Jam

During the year 2019-20, we have provided 1,56,134 nutrition supplements to the supported children. The following figure shows the breakup of the same in our education centers in different locations

Amai Music Clubs

The Amani India Project, an initiative through which children learn to identify, comprehend and manage their emotions through music. As part of the project MSWS in Collaboration with Smile Foundation India started Amani Music Clubs in our education centers, the project focusses on music theory, music practice and its association with emotional intelligence training

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent teacher meetings are held once in a month at the Education centers to ensure regular parent-teacher interaction on the academic progress and behavioral concerns of the children. The following are some of the glimpses of the same

Uniform & School Bag Distribution

This year we provided uniforms to 425 students in Bhawani Enclave and Dharam Colony centers. Twenty School bags were distributed to the class toppers in both centers with the help of Youth for Seva Sansthan.