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Key areas of Intervention

In the year, 2019 MSWS focused on the following key areas to achieve our Mission and Vision. MSWS tried to maintain the main activities, which we have done in the last year helping us to put one more step further to our goals in making a better society.


Education support for the underprivileged children

During the year 2019-20 Maxvision Social Welfare Society run eight Education centers across Gurugram Haryana to educate and eradicate child labor and School dropout children rate through non-formal, remedial and bridge course education.

Vocational Training Programs for the youth

Maxvision Vocational Training Centers – During the year 2019-20 Maxvision Run 3 Vocational Training centers in Gurugram for the underprivileged youth above the age group of 18 to 30 years. The goal of the Vocational Training programs are the following

Women Empowerment Programs

One of the most important conditions for realizing the demographic dividend is women’s empowerment. Women constitute half the country’s population; shoulder three-fourths of the responsibility to run society.

Health Camps for Children, Parents and the Elderly

Maxvision provides the following health care activities since 2004 and in the year 2019-20 the following are the health care activities conducted. Regular check-up and routine vaccination in Collaboration with CMO – Municipal Corporation Gurgaon.

Awareness Programs on Health, Environment, Hygiene and pollution

Every year MSWS organizes various awareness session activities. The following are some of the awareness generation programs organized during the year 2019-20

Legal Aid to poor

MSWS provides legal awareness and aid to the needy people of the society we are serving. MSWS is a part of District Legal Service Authority (DLSA) under CJM (Chief Judicial Magistrate 23 - Gurgaon. In addition, we are member of Governing body – District Task Force – Child and

Our Vision & Mission

Maxvision Social Welfare Society is a society registered under the society Registration Act 1973 (Sr. No. 44) on 24th, February 2004. The vision and Mission of the society are as follows


A society where equality, justice and peace are achieved and sustained by bringing sustainable change in the lives of underprivileged children, youth, Men & women and elderly without any discrimination. Dedication towards Environment and awareness for wellbeing.


To educate and empower the underprivileged marginalized and vulnerable sections of society towards sustainable /Holistic development by upbringing the physical, mental and cultural status of various sections of the society, healthcare and to aware all about importance of Environment.

We are served since 35 years to helpless people with trust and we are happy

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